Welcome to our vacation rental home in Huatulco, Mexico

Entrance to our vacation rental home
Entrance to our vacation rental home

Huatulco is located where the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean, approximately 500km south of Acapulco. It is part of the state of Oaxaca. There are 9 beautiful bays, and miles of white sandy beaches, with the most centrally located bay being Bahia de Santa Cruz. Huatulco is divided into 4 main districts, which include:
  • Tangolunda, where upscale resorts and a golf course are located;
  • Santa Cruz, with a marina, a large pier for the temporary docking of large cruise ships, shops, restaurants, scuba diving, jet ski and snorkeling rental shops, and the Santa Cruz beach;
  • La Crucecita, a downtown area with a traditional Mexican square, surrounded by a church, restaurants, markets, a bakery and craft and clothing shops;
  • and Chahuè, located between Santa Cruz and Tangolunda, and the area where our home is located. Since everything described above is about 5 to 10 minutes from our home, we are ideally and conveniently located as a vacation home.
In 2006, Huatulco won the Green Globe Award (a worldwide benchmarkng system for the tourism and travel industry), the first resort area in the Americas to do so, and the third in the world. This signifies that the area meets the highest standards of infrastructure, development, environmental protection, and management of the cleanest potable and waste water.
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If you love the sun, Huatulco is a great place to be, with about 330 days a year of sunshine. In other words, the skies are blue 95% of the time! The average temperature is about 82 degrees F (28C). From December to May, there is a dry season, and the rainy season occurs from June to November.

Because of the climate, there are many types of wonderful vegetation, including: a varied array of beautiful palm trees, bougainvilleas in gorgeous shades of hot pinks and purples, various brightly-colored flowering plants and vines, as well as pineapples, bananas, mango, papaya and limon (lime) trees, plus large agave and aloe vera plants. When you visit the various markets in La Crucecita, you will see brilliantly colored fruits and vegetables, all from the surrounding regions of the state of Oaxaca. They are all very fresh and delicious!
Huatulco has an airport, which is about 20 minutes from our home in the Chahuè area. The Aeropuerto Internacional de Huatulco (HUX) is served nationally by Mexicana, Magnicharter, Nova Air and Aero Tucán from other airports. Continental, Click, Sky Service and First Choice fly here from the US, Canada and Europe.

For getting around the area, Huatulco has plenty of inexpensive taxi services (ranging from $2-$4 for a 10- minute trip). There are also rental car, scooter, all-terrain vehicle and bicycle rental places near-by.
Swimming, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, boating, and various water excursions are all available to the vacationer. In addition, there are a number of coffee plantations that are in operation and open to the public to visit. Golfing and tennis are available at the near-by golf course.

If you want to venture outside the area, taxis can be rented for a reasonable fee to take you to Puerto Econdido, Zipolite, Puerto Angel, Cascadas Magicas (magic waterfalls), and Salina Cruz. Taxis and buses can take you to Oaxaca City, the capital city of Oaxaca, which offers many famous sites like Monte Alban, and is a center for Mexican museums, churches, furniture and crafts.
The beauty of the landscape and its clean, eco-friendly environment, the warmth and charm of the local people, the climate, and the tranquil atmosphere make this an ideal place to spend time. We also like the availability of so many beaches within a short distance from our home, plus the varied excursions we can take around the area. In addition, we are able to eat the reddest tomatoes, the freshest avocados, the deepest pink watermelons, mangos and papayas with beautiful yellow and orange colors, and the crunchiest apples ever! There is also a great selection of fresh meats and fish, as well as wonderful beers, tequilas and wines.